Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Retiring Products

The end of the Autumn / Winter 2012 Idea Book will be January 31, 2013!  To make room for the NEW product, we must retire some of the old items. Bittersweet, I know - but I can't wait to see what the new Catalog brings.

Effective immediately, the items on this list are available only while supplies last.

Be sure to shop my website for many other clearance priced items available December 1st - While Supplies Last.  

BONUS:  Every $50 order will receive a free Bonding Memories Glue Pen ($4.50 value).  Plus,  you will be eligible for the December Stamp of the Month - Year Round Cheer for just $5 ($17.95 value).

Start shopping at my CTMH site.


Item #Item DescriptionPage #
A1104A Tweet90
A1111A Tulip68
A1116A Melody94
A1128Quick Cards—Shell80
A1129A Rainbow85
B1365Spring Up71
B1369Rosy Regards67
B1374Bee Happy83
B1397He Is Risen74
B1402My Peeps72
C1439Enjoy Life95
C1440Take a Picture93
C1450Eclectic Edges99
C1456Heartfelt Treasures68
C1457Happy Camper84
C1458Paper Lantern90
C1473Remarkable Wreath70
C147410 Things105
C1485Super Powers47
C1498Country Life82
C1499Perfect Day80
D1195The Works Alphabet117
D1222Tiny Typewriter Alphabet117
D1296Chocolate Alphabet Small114
D1301Hodge Podge Alphabet114
D1303Classmate Alphabet114
D1462Splendid Day77
D1464Card Chatter—Love106
D1467Trees & Things76
D1472Simple Memories66
D1478Bingo Alphabet113
D1508Diverse Backgrounds102
D1509Magic Adventures78
D1511Kick Back81
E1013Field Trip Alphabet114
G1040Workshops on the Go® Spellbound Cricut® Kit          14
G1041Workshops on the Go® Avonlea Cardmaking Kit22
G1042Workshops on the Go® Scroll Album Kit23
G1043Workshops on the Go® Pear & Partridge Cardmaking Kit66
G1044Workshops on the Go® Advent Calendar Kit67
G1045Workshops on the Go® Avonlea Scrapbooking Kit21
G1046Workshops on the Go® Clementine Scrapbooking Kit29
G1047Workshops on the Go® Dakota Scrapbooking Kit35
G1048Workshops on the Go® La Belle Vie Scrapbooking Kit 41
G1049Workshops on the Go® Scholastic Scrapbooking Kit47
G1050Workshops on the Go® Flirty Scrapbooking Kit53
G1051Workshops on the Go® Moonlight Scrapbooking Kit59
G1052Workshops on the Go® Pear & Partridge Scrapbooking Kit             65
X7147BMy Reflections® Stella Paper Packet68
X7147CStella Complements Canvas Shapes68
X7148BMy Reflections® Pemberley Paper Packet68
X7148CMy Stickease® Pemberley Assortment68
X7150BMy Reflections® Victory Paper Packet69
X7150CMy Stickease® Victory Assortment69
X7153BMy Reflections® Florentine Paper Packet69
X7153CMy Stickease® Florentine Assortment69
X7158BLa Belle Vie Paper Packet 38
X7158CLa Belle Vie My Stickease® Assortment38
X7160BFlirty Paper Packet50
X7160CFlirty Complements Dimensional Elements50
X7161BMoonlight Paper Packet56
X7161CMoonlight Complements Dimensional Elements56
X7162BPear & Partridge Paper Packet62
X7162CPear & Partridge Complements Glittery Rub-Ons62
Z1054My Creations® Display Album132
Z1252Cutting Knife135
Z1316Designer Ribbon Cocoa Collection                                                                                124
Z1349Shimmer Designer Brads127
Z13524 1/2" Colonial White Circle Cards123
Z13534 1/2" White Daisy Circle Cards123
Z1360Rhinestone Designer Brads127
Z1361Brads Red Assortment 127
Z1362Brads Pink Assortment127
Z1363Brads Blue Assortment127
Z1364Brads Green Assortment127
Z1365Brads Basic Assortment127
Z1378My Creations® Banner132
Z1385Designer Ribbon Blue Collection124
Z1387Wooden Designer Buttons125
Z1388Newsprint Rub-Ons 130
Z1391Buttons Clear Assortment125
Z1393Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection 126
Z1395Irresistibles™ Eclectic Chipboard Die-Cuts (the alphabet)130
Z14076" x 6" Olive Quick Pic™ Album122
Z14086" x 6" Pansy Purple Quick Pic™ Album122
Z1460Foundry® Ribbon Slides126
Z1461Décor Journaling Spots129
Z1464Milepost Shapes128
Z1465Irresistibles™ Make-It-Count Numbers130
Z1466Bling Assortment128
Z1614My Creations® Memory Game132
Z1615Designer Ribbon Red Collection124
Z1616Designer Ribbon Green Collection124
Z1681Dimensional Elements  Numbers 131
Z1687Bohemian Assortment 128
Z1689Timeless Charms128
Z1692Tough Tags128
Z1694Bouquet Assortment128
Z1695Urban Felt Alphabet 130
Z1696Keepsake Felt Alphabet 130
Z1700Dark Chocolate Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons126
Z1709Just Blooms® Petals Paper Flowers129
Z1711Foundry® Binder Clips126
Z1712Foundry® Number Plates 126
Z1731My Originals® Sweet Surprises Card Kit123
Z1733Black Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons126
Z1741Haunted Assortment128
Z1742Parlor Velvet Rub-Ons126
Z1743Festive Velvet Rub-Ons 126
Z1749Autumn Lane Assortment 128
Z1761Dimensional Elements Ornaments131
Z1762Dimensional Elements Snowflakes131
Z1763Boutique Assortment128
Z1765Color-Ready Arbor Wooden Shapes130
Z1772Dimensional Elements In Color—Holiday128
Z188Craft Jars120


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